2012 HHLS Winners: “Our Parents Were Very Supportive”

Wednesday’s announcement of our Happy Hearts Love Sharks wedding contest was great! Winning couple Amy and Jackson and the runners up, Kaman and Felix, joined us for the announcement at The Original Szechuan Chonquin on West Broadway in Vancouver. It was an extra special day for Amy and Jackson as they started dating nine and a half years ago to the day.

Fin Free couples Jackson & Amy (L) and Kaman & Felix (R)

Jackson and Amy even brought their parents. Amy’s dad talked about how proud he was of the couple for standing up for something they believed in. So proud that he went out and emailed about one hundred of his own personal friends to tell them about going ‘Fin Free’.

Amy and Jackson made a moving speech in English and Cantonese. ”We know this is not the end of the journey to raise awareness for the conservation of sharks. We need more people to stand up. We need more Chinese people to really take action to save sharks and say no to shark fin.” – Amy

You can listen to the whole speech below (03:59)


Sing Tao:  “Our dream really came true. The best thing is, both sides of our parents were very supportive, and we won a big prize. We plan to go take the Galapagos cruise next April on our wedding anniversary.”


Epoch Times“Although some people still don’t understand why they’ve decided to do this, but they will take this opportunity to tell people the truth about shark fin, and hope that they will consider the bad that comes out of consuming shark fin soup, especially its impact on future generations.”


Congratulations again Amy and Jackson, Kaman and Felix, and all of our HHLS wedding couples past and present.


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