Sharks have played a vital role in our oceans for over 400 millions years. But over the last 20 years, they have been hunted towards extinction, primarily to feed growing consumer demand for shark fin soup. By choosing to go Fin Free at your wedding, you will help to keep our oceans in harmony.

Humans depend on healthy oceans

Our oceans provide food, livelihoods and even regulate our climate. They capture carbon from the atmosphere and generate the majority of the oxygen that we breathe. Healthy oceans are an essential resource for this and future generations.

Our oceans need healthy shark populations

Sharks are apex predators that regulate the entire food chain below them. They help maintain the delicate balance that allows other marine life to remain abundant and biologically diverse. Now an endangered species in many parts of the world, their loss would have devastating implications for the health of oceanic ecosystems.

You can make a difference

The huge growth in the demand for shark fin soup has led to sharks being fished in ever increasing numbers. Up to 73 million sharks are killed each year, pushing many species towards extinction. Nature has designed sharks to live long lives but to develop and reproduce very slowly. Consequently, this kind of over-fishing is no longer sustainable.

Shark numbers in some areas have declined by over 90% and over a third of all species are now threatened with extinction. Many people are unaware of these issues but if something is not done soon it will be too late and the devastating consequences will be unavoidable.

Join us in creating a more sustainable tradition of having healthy oceans. Go Fin Free at your wedding banquet and help make a difference for sharks now.

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