Linda and Jacky

Wedding banquet location: Richmond, BC, Canada
Number of Guests: 150

Linda and Jacky’s story:
Jacky and Linda started dating in 2006. Linda loved finding activities to do and ended up signing up for a movie screening of “Sharkwater”. If Jacky was free, he would go along with whatever she had planned. They ended up watching the movie at ParK Theatre on Cambie St on June 23, 2009 not knowing what exactly the movie was about. It was definitely a different type of shark movie that they were used to. Shark movies from previous ones like “Jaws” made sharks scary and harmful to humans.

After watching the movie, Jacky had a totally new insight on the topic. He said to Linda “We will not be serving shark’s fin at our wedding.” At the time Linda joked and said “Who says I’m marrying you? At my wedding, I’m not serving shark’s fin.” They laughed it off and told their friends and family about the truth about sharks.

After 3 years from the day they watched the movie, their wedding is finally happening and they are keeping their promise to themselves and all the sharks they hope to save. On September 29, 2012, Jacky and Linda will be having their wedding banquet at a chinese restaurant and not having shark’s fin soup.


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