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A Flight Centre business travel specialist is your personal travel manager, dedicated to delivering you savings in time and expense, while providing you with choice and advice on your travel options. With no contracts and 24 hour emergency support- the service, value and flexibility on offer to our clients really is, truly unbeatable.

We at Flight Centre Business Travel Robson feel honoured to be supporting Shark Truth and the Happy Hearts Love Sharks contest. With a long history of opening up our customers’ worlds through well organised and targeted travel experiences, Flight Centre Business Travel encourages and facilitates travel around the globe.

Conservation and responsible tourism go hand in hand

Many of the wonderful destinations we arrange comprehensive packages to, are included on the growing list of shark tourism hotspots around the world. Places like the Galapagos, Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, Belize, Australia, South Africa and many more exciting locations are advancing shark conservation by providing incredible encounters for tourists and exposing the value that healthy shark populations represent to local economies.

We’re proud to be working with Shark Truth to promote change and empower wedding couples in embracing alternative choices to shark fin soup at their banquet. Together we want to encourage others to support the protection of sharks from shark finning and fin consumption. Ensuring we are all able to experience these dazzling destinations and their oceans for generations to come.

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