Release: ‘Fin Free’ Wedding Couple Wins 6-day Deluxe Honeymoon Trip to the Galapagos


‘Fin Free’ Wedding Couple Wins 6-day Deluxe Honeymoon Trip to the Galapagos

Vancouver, B.C. – Amidst recent developments in the Greater Vancouver area on shark fin legislation and Shark Truth reaffirming (link) its position on shark conservation, Shark Truth announces Jackson and Amy as the winners of its third annual Happy Hearts Love Sharks wedding contest.

“We are deeply proud of all the courageous wedding couples that are creating new traditions to protect our sharks, our oceans and our children’s future,” said Claudia Li, Shark Truth Executive Director. “We’re seeing a fundamental shift in public awareness and people’s mentality – shark fin is becoming taboo. Even restaurants are telling us that their sales for shark fin have plummeted,” said Ms. Li.

“FCBT is proud to be partnered with Shark Truth and G Adventures to assist bringing awareness and action to the issue of saving sharks from extinction. Real change is occurring and we applaud their dedication to this worth cause,” said Craig MacCarthy, Flight Centre Business Travel, Brand Leader.

The results for this year’s competition is realized through over 80 couples pledging to protect sharks by going ‘Fin Free’ or not serving shark fin soup at their wedding banquet, totaling to over 40,000 bowls of shark fin soup being stopped. The winners of this year’s contest will enjoy a 6-day honeymoon trip courtesy of Flight Centre and G Adventures to the Galapagos Archipelago on the luxurious G6 catamaran.

“In keeping with G Adventures’ commitment to giving back to the communities and natural surroundings we visit, we are proud to partner with FCBT & Shark Truth in their efforts to protect sharks from extinction,” said Aaron Sapra, G Adventures, National Sales Manager.

This year’s winning couple took the initiative to produce a video in both English and Mandarin to spread awareness about shark conservation. “We thought it was the right thing to do. Many of the shark species are in danger of extinction. In order to save them, we have to keep them alive,” said Jackson Wan.

Shark Truth is a grassroots nonprofit dedicated to promoting awareness, education and action for shark conservation. Our unique consumer engagement campaign includes the Happy Hearts Love Sharks wedding contest that rewards couples who pledge to go Fin Free at their wedding banquet. Learn more at or join us at


Media Contact:   Claudia Li, Shark Truth Executive Director

High resolution photos and contact information for wedding couples available upon request.


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